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Dr. Nicholas Harper

Author, Speaker, Weight Loss Coach

Attention Business Owner . . .

Dr. Nicholas Harper Presents How To

Properly Lose Weight and Finally Look Your Best!

Free Online Workshop Will Happen Live

Saturday January 6, 2024 10:00am Pacific Time

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  • Why details are so important regarding a weight loss program.

  • How your Weight loss Goal may betray you.

  • Why your attitude may be holding you back.

  • One weight loss fact you cannot avoid.

  • How to reduce the likelihood of getting injured.

  • Beware of Unintended consequences. 

  • Why your comfort zone is a bad place to be .

  • How your ego can derail your progress.

  • Why 2+ hour workouts are not necessary 

  • Come hear how determination can take your life and your daughter life to the next level.

  • Why ignoring certain beliefs can be damaging to your program

  • How to pick a start date.

  • Why women are POTENTIALLY better equipped to lose weight than men

  • How to pick a start date.

  • Why "one size fits all (part two) doesn't work for the long term

  • One way to decrease the likelihood of failure

  • A simple trick to reduce snacking

  • Personal trainer or do it yourself.

  • And so much more will be revealed . . .

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